Bou, the company behind the design of Fold, is a desk/furniture developed for our modern lives as more and more people work from home. Fold was born from the idea of creating a workspace at home with all the necessary comforts, which once closed, hides “the office" and transforms into another piece of furniture within the environment. Thanks to its clean lines and a multitude of different material combinations, the design adapts to any space. But Fold is just the beginning. Bou wants to expand and create unique, uncomplicated pieces of furniture that suits the new needs of homes and offices. Where simple forms, maximising its function and attention to detail will be a mark of their identity.

Our task was to build Bou’s visual identity, based on its values. We project a simple, modular, and versatile image, where the elements are made up in various ways, adapting to the format, echoing what the furniture does. We created a logo illustrating the name with basic shapes (circle and semi-circle) reflecting the greatest value of the brand, the simplicity in the creation. We use  technical fonts referring to the world of architecture and industrial design, paying homage to the founder (he is interior designer). Playing with simple compositional rules, we created combinations with colours and materials that help energise the brand and express the idea of adaptation. Creating a pragmatic, yet organic brand, in constant evolution and transformation.

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