The Gran Hotel Inglés has a glorious past as a cultural hub at the turn of the 20th Century, frequented by scholars, writers and famous people of the era – from Virginia Woolf to Matisse, falling into disrepair after the Spanish civil war. The new owners, Hidden Away Hotels together with Rockwell Interiors and Hospitality Builders, asked us to develop a brand that taps into that history, as well as looking to a new bright future.

From old hotel ephemera and the untouched Barrio de las Letras neighbourhood we found a world of inspiration, and the resulting identity displays these riches reborn. To celebrate the location, the unique hand-drawn type style found in the signage of this Barrio was repurposed for the logo. Using the same typography, layout and reproduction systems of the graphic artists of the era, the identity we created restores the link to the hotel’s origins, paired with direct and clean visual language that moves it into the present – creating a harmonious path between the past and future.



Client: Hidden Away Hotels & Hospitality Builders
Photography: MontesinosAldazabal
Styling: Hospitality Builders

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