Situated in the Gran Hotel Inglés, Lobo 8 is the main restaurant, juxtaposing its younger sibling LobByto. It is the wiser, older wolf (lobo in Spanish), a narrative device used to link the two outlets with one story. Elegant, patient, but also ravenous, embracing the popular legendary tale of a hunter who lived on this street in the past.

With interior styling elements based around hunting paraphernalia, such as hunting knife style cutlery and illustrative folklore art pieces on the walls, we took the identity in a direction that supported this. Creating a mature and self-assured brand and timeless typographical style, borrowing from the illustrative style to depict the wolf, the results bring forth elegant expressions of historical graphics that relate to the glorious past of the restaurant.


Client: Hidden Away Hotels & Hospitality Builders
Photography: MontesinosAldazabal
Styling: Hospitality Builders

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